Wedding Dress: Rue De Seine

Florist: Snowberry Botanicals

Make-Up:  KNK Cosmo

Bridal Shop: Loversland

Caterer: Lavender Blue

Hair: Boheme Hair Artistry

Do you have any wedding planning advice to future brides?

I would have to say flexibility is key.  It was definitely my saving grace planning a wedding amidst a pandemic.  You just have to go with the flow and trust that everything is going to work out.  I think it is better not to stress over minute details and just let things happen.  The most important thing is love and all of the rest is just icing on the proverbial wedding cake.  Your wedding should be a reflection of your creative style so pick your vendors accordingly.  After that, just trust your vendors! They are the experts and know what to do! It’s a bit more exciting to have some elements unknown.  So just have a bit of faith, embrace the unexpected, and remember what is most important to you.

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

When planning our wedding I think that the most important thing was that it was truly a reflection of us and our style.  We really wanted to keep things simple so that we could focus on the moments that were the most important.  We both love adventure and travel so wavered between eloping at a destination or having an intimate wedding followed by a spectacular honeymoon.  Thankfully we chose the latter because the pandemic would have cancelled any of our travel plans (our epic honeymoon will come one day).  It was important for us to incorporate the natural elements that are significant to us, the forest, camping, a fire, my mom’s cake, the flowers, our roaming puppy,  it was all pieces that reflect who we are as a couple and really made the day about us and our love.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Well this is an extremely difficult question to answer. Derick would say when I walked down the aisle.  Even though we did the first look, it is still a moment that was filled with such overwhelming emotion.  I would have to say the same.  I have walked that path into the forest probably a thousand times but to walk down the path to see him overwhelmed with tears of joy waiting for me was indescribable, a breath of fresh air.  Then to turn around and see a community of people that have been the most supportive in our lives is beyond words.  The whole day was like a dream!

Why did you decide to have a smaller intimate wedding?

Derick and I are both incredibly fortunate to have a large group of friends and family that are a huge and integral part of our lives.  So it definitely wasn’t an easy decision to have a tiny wedding but it felt like the right one.  A small wedding took away a lot of the pressure and allowed us to focus on the little things.  We were able to have the wedding on my parent’s property which was something that felt important to me. The day was so low key that when Brandon and Jess asked when the guests were arriving, the majority of them were already there.  The day was very relaxed and laid back, just the way we envisioned it.

How did you choose your wedding photographer?

Choosing a photographer is not an easy feat, there is a lot of talent out there but I think that it’s important to choose a photographer that reflects your own style. When we looked at Brandon and Jess’s photos we loved their work, but also really related to their love for travel and appreciated how they photographed their own and others’ personal journeys across the world.  We saw that they had an eye for detail and light and were able to get both the creative and candid shots.  They are so easy going, fun, and made everyone feel comfortable every step of the way.