Toronto boudoir studio
Welcome to the one of the most empowering experiences you’ll ever do for yourself!
My boudoir sessions are focused on empowering women to feel confident in their bodies. Whether it’s a gift for a significant other or celebrating yourself, I can promise that it will be something you’ll look back on for years.

Boudoir is an experience for every woman.  It’s my goal to showcase your unique beauty, highlight the areas that you love the most, and capture your personal energy.


Brandon Scott Photography


- 2 Hour portrait session
- Studio
- Session welcome guide
- Wardrobe planning

- Direction and posing tips
- Viewing gallery


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"I will admit I was a little nervous to shoot these portraits. It was something I wanted to do for myself and share with my husband for awhile but never felt my body was picture ready or even if I could trust someone with something so intimate. Further, when you look at models, especially all over Instagram, you never think you yourself can be captured in that light, or if your body by comparison is even something to celebrate. In a moment of spontaneity and acceptance of “this is who I am, this what I look like and I don’t need the world to validate it” I booked one of Brandon’s last spots for the month and within a couple of weeks I’m standing in a studio with amazing hair and makeup, shaking in my boots.
Once we got started all the nerves went away with his kind demeanour and professionalism. Within minutes I’m sliding around the studio in my socks feeling like a pro! I’ve never felt so comfortable in my skin and for the next 2 hours and the whole night after I was in complete bliss. I’ve never felt so beautiful! When he turned the camera over to show me a shot I almost cried. It was me! Not me trying to pretend to be something, but just me in a really beautiful way.
I can’t thank Brandon enough and can’t wait to see the final album!
If this is something you’ve wanted to do - but felt you couldn’t, just do it and do it with this guy." - NATASHA


"I hired Brandon to take boudoir photos of myself for my wedding gift to my husband! He was professional and had a great location. Not only did he make me feel incredibly comfortable he directed me and coached me along the session! Brandon is very talented and we LOVED my gallery!!! Highly recommended!" - KAYLA


"I’ve worked with Brandon a couple of times over the years for different types of shoots and I’d have to say doing Boudoir was my favourite one! He works with you on capturing the perfect pictures, always keeping the ideas flowing until the day of the shoot. Being in front of a camera can be intimidating and uncomfortable sometimes but Brandon makes you feel comfortable not only with him but in your own skin, capturing the beauty of the woman body in the most tasteful yet badass way. If doing a Boudoir shoot is something you’ve considered doing whether its for your partner, bucket list or just to admire your beautiful-self, hands down Brandon is the guy. I cannot wait to work with him in the future to rock out some epic pics, to this day I always show them off!" - STEPH


Working with Brandon was an excellent experience. Not only was I made to feel beyond comfortable in my skin but educated on how to properly position myself for my best angles. Brandon’s eye for perfection and creativity, combined with his professionalism, created for a smooth, safe, and sensual atmosphere. I couldn’t be more impressed on how the photos turned out. It has allowed me to push past barriers of displaying myself in way I didn’t think I was able to do. I cannot wait to have an opportunity to work with him again in the near future. - LACE