Are My Images Private? Do You Post Anything Online?

Your images are completely private. None of the images will be posted online without your consent. If you are comfortable sharing some of the images online as inspiration that's great as well but either way it's up to you!

Where Will The Shoot Take Place?

Sessions are held at a studio of your choice in Toronto or Kitchener. We can also shoot an 'In Home Session' if you'd like to keep the location a little more personal to you.

I Don't Know How To Pose, Will You Help?

This might be your first time in front of a camera but don't stress, I'll be there to walk you through each pose. There's some simple tips that we'll go over before we start that will take your poses to the next level.

When Do I get My Images?

You will receive your images within 2-3 weeks from the shoot date.

What Do I Wear?

After you book you will receive a welcome guide with more details about what to bring to your shoot.


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