Any wedding planning advice to future brides doing a destination wedding?

Don’t sweat the things you can’t control before you arrive at the physical location. Everything will work itself out once you arrive. Also, see if you can arrange to ship seating charts, party favours, centre pieces etc. directly to the hotel before arriving to save you luggage space.

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

Often I had heard that people planning a wedding locally would spend upwards of 100k, have 300+ guests, where they would spend the whole night thanking everyone for coming, while not being able to enjoy their special night. That sounded less than ideal to me. I wanted to make sure my husband I got to enjoy our own wedding. This is why we chose a destination style wedding. We could spend a whole week with our closest family and friends, allowing for our wedding day to be just for us.

How did you choose your photographers?

We viewed dozens of photographers portfolios and found that several lacked the emotional connection between the couple we were looking for. When we met Brandon and Jess, we instantly fell in love with them (as did every single person at our wedding). As my mom would say “you need to find someone who captures the moments”, which was really our focus in choosing our photographers.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

I cant pick just one. I would say my husband and I exchanging our vows, my mothers speech, and the fireworks while cutting our cake were my three highlights of the evening.

What attracted you to the Paradius Los Cabos venue?

We struggled with finding an affordable venue for our guests that would allow us to have the kind of wedding we were looking for. Lower price venues sometimes would offer a wedding as a “bonus” to bringing guest however we wanted to host a wedding that would be similar to what we would have held back home. Additionally, most of our ideal venues were 18+. Both of our families have children under the age of 18, and we wanted to ensure our entire family could be present. We landed on Paradisus, as they have a unique way of separating adults and children. Also, the food was incredible, and we managed to get the price low enough that everyone who wanted to come could.

Ceremony & Reception – Paradisus Cabo /  Dress – Galia Lahav